“Do you see a struggle between good and evil, or just a clash between right and right? There are always two sides to every story.”

The idea for Stereo originated in 2020. The year in which “the discussion” reigned supreme with Covid-19, BLM, Trump and countless other concoctions. The Stereo image is about the paradox of good and evil, about isolation of the individual, about the inevitable consumption of media and opinions. It also symbolizes my own love for making music and the accompanying battle between creativity and expectation.

Available in two sizes

Stereo large and small duo picture

On Version One – Original – White

Material: Polyester Resin
Height: 85cm (with pedestal)
Width: 80cm
Weight: +/- 25kg
Edition: 1/10
Price: Available at MOYA

Version Two – White and gold

New Limited Edition
Pre-Order Now

Material: Acrylic One – White paint – Gold Paint
Height: 30cm (with pedestal)
Width: 28cm
Weight: max. +/- 10kg
Edition: Limited
Price: On request



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    Stereo Version Two Front View 1
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