Pete Surreal

You don’t even know

Pete Surreal

You Don’t Even Know

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Artist and producer Pete Surreal is all about combining lush melodic textures with innovative electronic beats and synth soundscapes. Recently, he has announced the release of a brand new single, “You Don’t Even Know.” This song combines soulful lyrics with engaging grooves, making for a stunning combination of pop, chillwave and electronic music. This track highlights Pete’s ability to create dance-worthy pop songs with an indie flair. In addition to the amazing performance and songwriting value, this song is extremely well-produced, making for a pleasant and dynamic listening experience. With such a timeless combination of talent, energy, and creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Pete Surreal writes music with honesty, and his stunning flow is filled with realness. When listening to his song and lyrics you can really get a definite sense that this is not just some random artist trying to copy the famous guy of the day, but rather a powerful producer who has a really innovative and distinctive style.

“You Don’t Even Know” is going to be released the 28th of June 2019 on Super People Music. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the upcoming song, and its matching video!