Pete Surreal ft. Sonny Wilson

Outta My League

About the song.

Are you ready for the summer? ☀️🏝️ Get into the groove with Outta My League by Pete Surreal ft Sonny Wilson. Out now!

Outta My League is a collaboration between friends Pete Surreal (Oosterhout, Netherlands) and Sonny Wilson (Tilburg, Netherlands).

Sonny Wilson is a world famous singer and songwriter, best known for his chart hit Booyah (2013, UK Dance #1, US Dance #2) with Showtek, and Sun Goes Down with David Guetta and Showtek.

Pete Surreal is a multi-genre music producer, songwriter and visual artist. For Outta My League he also produced the artwork and dance lyric video featuring Barbie and his own iconic figure Daevis.

The original idea for the song came during an easy Sunday evening when Pete listened to some oldies from the 60s and 70s. Inspired by the grooves and vocal choirs, he started producing. A few weeks later, friend Sonny happened to visit when Pete was working on this song. Both got very excited when Sonny started singing along to the topline melody. They immediately worked together to make this project a great success.