Pete Surreal

I’ll never do it again

I’ll never do it again

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Pete Surreal is a very creative pop dance artist hailing from the Netherlands. His sound is a combination of modern electronic production soundscapes and classic pop melodies, tipping the hat off to iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie wonder or Phil Collins, only to mention a few.

Recently, he has published a brand new project titled “I’ll never do it again,” and outstanding milestone for this artist, who has reached an incredible creative Peak with this release.

“I’ll never do it again”combines expressive songwriting with lush production aesthetics and a lot of energy.

The artist definitely embraced the “less is more” philosophy here, seamlessly achieving a massive tone, without overdoing it and loading up the song with way too many elements. Since the mix is not overly crowded, the music feels spacious and lush, with plenty of room for the leading melodies to really stick out. The sheer scope of the production will immediately capture your imagination. The music has a larger-than-life feel, almost hitting the speaker in a big cinematic way. These sounds are very evocative, and create a strong texture, rather than just focusing on a melodic line to remember. The fact that there are many layers to this release really allow the artist to achieve an extra sense of depth, making for a strong and balanced tone.

On “I’ll never do it again” Pete Surreal was particularly attentive to the details of his productions, making for a focused and dynamic sound. The instrumental track is perfectly balanced, allowing the vocals to really stand out and pop to the forefront of the mix. There are many contributing factors that make the sound truly excellent: partly, it is due to the expertly crafted mix, and partly due to the clever arrangements and spontaneous performance. This release is a combination of passion, focus, and vision, and it combines instinctive artistry with true technical expertise, bridging the gaps between the best of both worlds.

Find out more about Pete Surreal and do not miss out on “I’ll never do it again” and other releases from this talented performer.